Personalized 3.21 🖤 Cuff bracelet

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A Down Syndrome Awareness Silver Cuff Bracelet that you will be proud to wear.  Your loved one’s name is front and center.

Make it personal and add the name of your loved one with Down Syndrome.  This item is custom hand-stamped with the name of your choice (up to 12 characters long) followed by a heart and 3:21. Spark conversation and also sentiment as you proudly wear your Down Syndrome Awareness Bracelet for all to see.  Those of us who love someone who has a disabilty or special needs realize that truly, God does not make any mistakes and all of our loved ones are meant to be, so wear it proudly. Simply email with the name you want stamped if you have any trouble filling in the information at checkout.

Our Silver cuff Aluminum bracelets can be adjusted to fit smaller, or larger wrists by simply by squeezing the bracelet tighter on your wrist.  Each bracelet is hand stamped (by Cedar’s mama) on aluminum which is considered hypoallergenic.  As you can imagine, hand stamped items all have slight variances to them and that is what makes them unique, just like our loved ones!

**NOTE** As these items are handmade, there is sometimes a 3 day lead time for processing.  If you do not receive your item within 10 days notify us immediately.

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