Lucky 3 arrows Bracelet- Metal cuff with leather three arrows tag in Brass

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Lucky Few Tattoo bracelet

This is our latest creation in the cuff department and it begs to be commented on.  Do you love someone with Down Syndrome?  Want to wear the 3 arrows lucky tattoo but not yet ready to ink up?  How about if you just want to spark conversation regarding why 3 is the number of completion or perfection as in “Omne Trium Perfectum” and that those with Down Syndrome are not defective, they are just as God made them.

This brass cuff is for you.  Made from 1" wide brass and premium oil-tanned leather this piece will get people talking and allow you to educate the world.

Please note that handmade items and leather can have slight color variations as is normal with natural, handmade items.

Please allow 3 days for processing.