Sterling 3.21 Heart Charm Bangle

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This is hands down my personal favorite.  A beautiful way to showcase your love for someone with 3 copies of the 21st chromosome (Down Syndrome).  The sterling silver bangle is made from 14 guage silver with a solid sterling hand -stamped heart measuring approx 3/4" across.  The heart is attached by a soldered ring to prevent it from falling off.

This is soon to be your favorite piece as it can start conversation but also is simply a beautiful piece of sterling silver jewelry.  

Standard Bangles measure between 7.75- 8" around and will fit most women.  If you are unsure measure the largest part of your hand when formed like you would to fit through a bangle.

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*NOTE* if you want to have a piece that celebrates another trisomy besides Trisomy 21, message us as we are happy to do Trisomy 13, 15 and 18 as well.